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About Me

I am currently a UK TRI/TRE flying for a major UK airline. I have been training for UK airlines since 1998 and have so far logged over 19000 hours of flying and instruction time on the B737, B747-400 and A320 series aircraft. I instruct pilots of all experience levels, from ab initio cadets to training captains, in the simulator and on the line. For the past 15 years I have also been overseeing training standards and writing and delivering training courses. I have always been passionate about training and take great satisfaction in helping colleagues raise their standards and achieve their professional goals and ambitions.

Airline courses deliver good quality training, but don't always cater for individual pilot's training needs nor allow sufficient preparation or consolidation time. I set up Stratowings to offer web based training to bridge this gap. Our presentations and courses are designed to give pilots the best chance of success in upcoming airline courses as well as assist in their professional development and raise operational standards.

Captain Hoss Nejatbakhsh BEng (Hons), MSc, TRI/TRE

What we offer

  • Presentations, webinars and briefings.
  • Professional development and foundation courses to give pilots the best chance of career success for upcoming career progression courses.
  • One on one support training tailored to individual pilot's needs.
  • Design and delivery of training material for airline training departments.
  • Aviation English courses.

We take pride in providing high quality training to maximise your chances of career success as well as assisting in your professional development. Whether you are actively flying or not, our training packages are geared to keeping you engaged and up to speed.

As our courses are web based

you can join in from wherever you are at a time that is convenient for you.

For more information, Contact Me or see my upcoming events and available courses.

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